Palisades Trail

Usually ridden from Palisades Campground north to the end of Fox Road, the trail hugs the limestone palisades that separate RLM from the valley below.

From the parking lot, the trail climbs 20 yards sharing the bottom end of the Willow Creek Trail #105 before branching off to the right. After the branch, there is some good flowing singletrack that gradually turns into a climb. Don’t be fooled, there is a false summit hiding at the top, but once you get there the views hold on.

Long sections of pumping loam are broken by the occasional switchback, fun descents, and quick climbs. You'll know you're getting close to the bottom when entering a large, open meadow. More fun awaits at the bottom of the meadow, as the trail gives up the last of its elevation.

From the end of the trail, Fox Road provides a easy coast back to town. For easier parking and a quicker shuttle, leave your car at the Double Ditch Dog Park and coast there from Fox Road.

Palisades can be done in the opposite direction or as an out-and-back. The feel of the trail remains the same when heading south with an initial climb, fun flowing singletrack, and a descent at the end. Going this direction just changes the ratio of climb to downhill more into the climb category.

The trail is popular with horseman, hikers, and bikers: BE ALERT!