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Willow Creek

Begin this trail by parking in the lower parking lot of RLM. The trailhead is located approximately 100 yards back down the road on the left (at the time of this description the trail sign is extremely hard to see; there is usually flagging of some sort on or near the sign).

Beginning with several switchbacks, Willow shows you its character right from the get go with steady, sustained rock gardens. Mix these in with a rapid loss of elevation and let the fun begin. Blind corners, parallel drainage ditches, and some loose sections add quite a bit of spice to the ride. The whole shebang ends rather abruptly at Palisades Campground.

For riders really paying attention, you'll know the end is close when the Palisades Trail branches off to the left. Its short length and easy shuttle make Willow a great trail for multiple laps and the end of Willow being the beginning of Palisades make for a great combo.

Riding this trail in the opposite direction can be done; for all but the superhuman, it’s a grunt involving several sections of hike-a-bike.

β€œA forested and rocky singletrack with ample stream crossings.”— Andrew Baranovic